This ‘was’ us- At least till the next season!

Oh my god! What a show, This is us. If you haven’t already started watching it, you are missing onto some real emotions, drama and a reflection of your own life- trust me when I say this- everyone can relate to some or the other part of it.

The first season of this awesome show just concluded and this piece is going to be full of spoilers so really if you haven’t started watching it yet- catch it on hotstar¬†and binge it away.

There was so much talk about how Jack is going to pass away, how is his story arc going to culminate in the last episode of this season, where will it leave the relationship between Rebecca and Jack, etc. etc. And the season finale rose so much above all of that. It was such a fulfilling experience to watch a couple who were from different worlds met with a mere coincidence and changed each others’ lives forever. How Jack is flawed, emotional but earnest and how Rebecca is this giving, stable partner who is reminded of what she gave up by her own life at a juncture where she ‘wasn’t needed anymore’. How they came together to not only build their own lives but also impact the three lives that were ‘responsible’ for. Not to forget, they were on such different paths but came together so seamlessly and that can never be summarized better than how Jack did during last few minutes of the episode.

The show has to be watched for the sheer chemistry that the entire cast shares. And calling them cast members seems like an insult to their talent- they ARE the characters they are playing. And so bloody well. I am just too overwhelmed after watching it and I really can vouch for it that you will too if you are even slightly, what do we call it, umm…HUMAN! The fight between Jack and Rebecca- Oh my God! Such a reflection of what a relationship really is.

Even though the finale did not really show a lot concerning the other characters, the couple of minutes spent on them were so apt. New opportunities for Kevin- do not miss the ‘those three magical words’ too from his woman. Revelations for Randall and Kate. And just so so much of excitement for what the future and the past in this show’s case hold for these characters.

Please watch, you will love it.

Those of you, who think that this is not your cup of tea- Still share this piece with your friends, ALIENS (Koii…Mil Gaya Music cue- AUM AUM AUM!)


Image Source: Wikipedia