Keep calm and speak in Hindi

You guys are going to be (maybe) slightly disappointed with the review because you are going to hear all good things about this one everywhere else. The much talked about Hindi Medium. It is completely fine if you didn’t hear about the movie till very recently. You are not alone. Maybe the Dank Irrfan meme video by AIB is more talked about than the movie. Yes, that was a promotional endeavour. 

Let’s not digress though; let’s talk about the movie. There is this understanding that we all have with these movies- we know that the movie is going to be a commentary on something prevalant in the world we live, it is going to caricaturise and create exaggerated copies of real life characters and then going to end with a ‘sermon on the mount’ scene where every heart will melt in one go and BAM! Problem? What Problem? But there is also a problem with that arrangement. Why can most of such movies not rise above that. Ever. 

Specific to this movie- that’s what largely happens. You will find it slightly ridiculous to believe that these super rich people albeit from Chandni Chowk will ever do even half of what is shown in the movie. The movie starts with the problem of immense pressure on parents to get their kids enrolled in Nursery (I am so glad I was born when I was born- and you thought I am going to give you the decade of my birth. Ha!). Delves slightly into how parents become a looming inhibition if they are not up to mark. And then suddenly becomes a commentary on classism. And then all these are resolved through a change of heart, some minutes of screen time for redemption and then finally a climax song and speech. 

Cool, you want me to believe all that, I will. But don’t expect to be happy to hear things like “Inn bachhon ko (referring to underprivileged kids from a government school) agar ye school (the best school in the city) mile toh ye aasman fodke aage nikal sakte hain.” Excuse me? Wrong messaging much? Are you resolving with the fact that education in these 5 star resorts in the name of schools is better than the average public or private school?

The films calls for all this upon itself because it promises to raise a problem and provide maybe an idealistic resolution. But all this doesn’t take away from the sheer talent that is Irrfan Khan and more than him, the STAR- Deepak Dobriyal. Watch this movie just for them. So effortless, so involved and so impactful. Irrfan’s wifey in the film is not bad too. She does what she is required to do. Sanjay Suri and Neha Dhupia- please! I mean please. Stay at home rather than doing these cameos. And Amrita Singh- how are you acting better than ever in your career now? She is good too. Don’t miss another stereotypical portrayal of a Delhi girl by Mallika Dua in a brief cameo. She gets some laughs out in the theatre though, so it is only a repetition for people who follow her on digital platforms. 

In conclusion, watch it because it is better than general shit that bollywood throws at our faces at most times. But get your patience pills handy for the second half. 

Positives- Irrfan Khan, Deepak Dobriyal. Do you need more?

Negatives- Stereotypical predictable story, hard to accept plot development
Picture credits- Maddock Films


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